Friday, September 28, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

This week has been a lot of phone calls, waiting, and wasting time on the internet.
My links are full of crafty inspiration!

Corn and other felt tutorials
on While Wearing Heels

I love this cabin!
on Feather and Anchor

I've recently taken up crewelwork and want to make this with wool so badly!
I also want to make some of these little gnomes.
via Fruits of Heart

These poppies are inspiration for my next crewelwork project!
via The Little Gnomes Home
I cannot find the original source of the image which is going around Pinterest.
Nevertheless, these look like they would make some great booties.
Hope something here inspires you!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Sewing Boxes!

This week I wanted to share two of our sewing box finds! Last Friday, we went to an estate sale and picked up this beauty for only $20. Not only was it a deal to get this sewing box for so cheap, but it was also full of knitting needles and yarn! So we got some snazzy bonuses. 

It has so much storage space and is on convenient wheels. It is perfect for moving around the house when you want to craft in different rooms!

We have had this little box a bit longer; it came in the last apartment we lived in. This little guy is really nice for storing little odds and ends. While it is a sewing box, I have been using it to store my jewelry. It is really perfect to house a variety of different objects!

I cannot wait to fill these up with all of our sewing notions and knitting supplies! 

<3 Amy

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Greenport, Long Island

This summer, we hung out in my home village and enjoyed its quaint charms! 

Greenport is on Long Island but a world apart from suburbia and strip malls.

The village is centered around a harbor with fishing boats, ferries to nearby Shelter Island, and the end of a Long Island Rail Road route. 

This little red school house used to be across the street from my house, until they moved it to the center of  the village.  It was an excellent place to hang out as children.

Got a thirsty horse?

Something I recently came enjoy is all of the antique shops--oh the pressed tin ceilings!

Amy liked the little mailboxes. 

And the old fashioned barber's pole.

A quintessential shot of the harbor.

Greenport was a happening place during prohibition!

If I could, I would spend a week every summer in Greenport!  If you're ever in New York City, Greenport is only a bus or train ride away.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tea Cup Hat Pin Holder!

Hat Pin Holder


Recently, I found myself desperately needing somewhere to hold my hat pins. I decided to make a pin cushion type holder for them and Colleen had the genius idea to use a tea cup to house the pin cushion!

I used a tea cup, about a cup of sand, needle, thread, scissors, scrap cloth, wool felting fiber, and a felting  needle. The entire project only took me about an hour and ended up working out great! 

I picked up this cute tea cup at a garage sale! I was lucky to get such a great deal on it.

I began by folded the fabric in half and traced the size of the cup onto the fabric to ensure the pouch would fit perfectly inside.

Then I pinned the cloth together; this was done to ensure that I could cut two circles of the same size.

Next I sewed the two circles together to create a pouch. Leaving a small section open and then flip the pouch inside out. Now the pouch is ready to fill.

I made a funnel out of paper and dumped the sand into the pouch. This gave the cushion some weight and  allowed for the hat pins to be pulled out with ease. 

Once the sand was in, it was time to close it up. Since it would not be visible in the final product, it was not necessary for the pouch to look perfect. 

Lastly, I lightly felted fiber onto the sandbag to have a nice, puffy, and colorful layer over the top. The felted layer ended up being about half an inch thick.  

Now my hat pins have a new home and they look lovely!

<3 Amy

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

Here are some of my lovely little finds across the internet this week!
I really want to make some of my own applesauce!
via Delightfully Tacky
I am lovin' these taxidermy coat hooks.
via Pysselbolaget
These creative pieces of furniture are amazing!
via Recreate
I want to make my own alphabet shadow box.
via Apartment Therapy
I found this tutorial on how to get aged cast iron to look like new. Also, the name for this blog is too funny!
via I Believe I Can Fry
Replace these two kitties with puppies and this is my ideal kitchen! I love everything!!!
via Pure Home
Eeep! This floor <3
via Something White
Picnic in Slovenia!
via Lost in America
<3 Amy

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Friday!

This week, I managed to keep my camera on hand for some shots of cute things around the house.

I adore snails and this photo makes it look like autumn is here.

Xena helped us sand some tables this week. 

I repotted this tiny succulent.

Xena will put up with just about anything.

Lastly, I just wanted to share the best moment of the week!  My friend Arianne conducted this orchestral rendition of "Call Me Maybe" on the Today Show.  

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Steamer Trunk!

Last weekend, Colleen, my mom, and I decided to wake up earlier for garage sales! We wanted to hit all of them early to get the good stuff and we succeeded. By far, my favorite thing we picked up was this steamer trunk. I have wanted one for so many years, but something always prevented me from buying the ones I have stumbled upon. While it is not in ideal condition, the price was right at just $25! We are thinking of using it as a coffee table that will double as storage. It even has a few stickers on the side from its travels. <3

I am so happy this beauty has a new home with us! Check back for more thrifty finds in the future.

<3 Amy