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Petřín Hill, Prague; Czech Republic

I grew up in Greenport, New York--a small harbor village on the East End of Long Island.  I like boater hats, mason jars, Mary Janes, and red pea coats.  I was educated in liberal arts and accrued a myriad of interests at Smith College; including letter press printing, Classics, education, knitting, rock climbing, and tea drinking.  I work as a nursery school teacher at an English language school in Prague.  Though my school follows standard Anglo-American pedagogy, I prefer Waldorf education and hope to move to a Waldorf school soon.  I make felt toys and Waldorf dolls.  I'm 25 going on 70.  While living in Prague, I enjoy sitting in parks, hanging out at beer gardens, and Amy's self-researched walking tours.  In the past five years, I've lived in Northampton, Massachusetts; DeKalb, Illinois; Daegu, South Korea, Upstate New York, as well as Kolín and Prague in the Czech Republic.  This summer, I am going to the West Coast for the first time--and moving there.  I do love getting on a plane with all my important possessions and moving to a place I've never seen before.


Mirabell Palace Garden, Salzburg, Austria
While I was born and raised in the Bay Area, I have spent the last years moving about Northern California and Europe (Sacramento; Sonoma County; Tübingen, Germany; and Prague, Czech Republic). I am currently finishing my second year of graduate school for a Masters Degree in Central European Comparative Studies at Charles University in Prague. I have been trying to enjoy every minute of my time here and have been so lucky to have this experience. In addition to school, I am a nanny to a lovely 2 year-old and teach English to a few very talented students.

This blog is a place for me to share the wonderful things I find in my everyday life. I plan to use this forum to share my thrifting finds, crafts, personal style, travels, recipes, and all of life’s little adventures. I am best described as a 27-year-old thrifter, knitter, and friend to all puppies! My other addictions include dresses, oxfords, headbands, and nail polish. 


  1. Eeeeeee!!! I can't wait for you to come home!

  2. also...what if there was a unicorn with a horn of corn? like...an EAR of corn. what do you think? I plan to paint soon.

  3. Sounds like an amazing piece of art. I would like to see the completed painting!


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