Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick Stop in London

On my way home to Long Island, I had a one-day stop in London.  If it were not for the British flags everywhere, I would not have even known anything was going on where I stayed near Manor House tube station.  It was a quiet Saturday afternoon.  It felt like a kind of eye of the storm in my travels.  

My friend's garden is apparently full of frogs.  This sign has been erected to warn visitors.

The whole area is covered in blackberries!  In the afternoon, we went for a walk looking for somewhere to get a pie and a pint. 

Railway Fields via QYPE

Out of an ornate gate, a woman appeared and asked us, "Do you live in the neighborhood?  Did you know that there is a nature reserve in your neighborhood?"  She invited us in to explore.  It was a special event in which Railway Fields Nature Reserve was open to the public on a Saturday afternoon.  Inside, we found tons of blackberries, idyllic walking trails, a little seminar on beekeeping, and a little pond.

We brought home quite a bag of blackberries.  Oh how I love foraging!  We used them to make a lemon polenta blackberry upside down cake!

Yum!  While the Olympics are exciting, it was lovely to have a calm break in my travels for walking, foraging, and baking.

Now, Amy and I are relaxing in Greenport.  Amy has increased her antique hat collection and today, hopefully if the weather holds out, we'll go swimming in the bay.  I am so happy to be home.

Monday, July 30, 2012

New York Vacation!

After a long busy week of moving and a long stressful day of travel, I arrived at JFK last night. I am going to be staying here for a week before moving back to the California Bay Area. I am super excited! This is my first trip to New York and I cannot wait to see it all. I am staying for three nights on Long Island with Colleen's family and then going to New York City for four nights to stay with my cousin.

I stumbled on this blog of vintage postcards. Here are a few that seem fitting for my vacation in New York this week. I look forward to sharing more photos as the trip continues!

So cute.
via Vintage Postcard Blog
Views of Coney Island 1907.
via Vintage Postcard Blog
Public Library in New York.
via Vintage Postcard Blog
Empire State Building.
via Vintage Postcard Blog
View from under the Brooklyn Bridge.
via Vintage Postcard Blog
Steeplechase, Coney Island.
via Vintage Postcard Blog
Times Square.
via Vintage Postcard Blog
<3 Amy

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

I guess I am feeling a bit crafty; I have a few DIYs here for you this week among other pretty things. I have been so busy with finishing my masters degree and I feel like I have not had anytime for my own planned DIYs and crafts. Hopefully, I will have some spare time to makeover a few of my household items in the coming months!

I am in love with this couch!
via Oh So Lovely Vintage
Such an amazing skirt!
via The Vintage Valley
DIY for a woven Balsa wood lampshade.
via Design Sponge
Amazing collection of tins! <3
via Design Sponge
DIY for customized lampshade.
via Secondhand Sundays
Embroidered ABCs!
via One Sheepish Girl
DIY for this vertical garden. It is made from old paint cans and old pallets.
via A Beautiful Mess
Have a fabulous weekend!

<3 Amy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little Adventures in Prague: All You Can Eat Sushi

All You Can Eat Sushi is 298 CZK (~$15) for lunch at the food court in Palladium, a shopping mall at tram/metro stop Namesti Republiky.

To be fair, for Prague, it is a really expensive lunch.  However, it is worth every crown!

First of all, you get to eat food off of one of these contraptions.  I love when my food goes by me like a train and I can have whatever I want!  Obviously, it's not just sushi.  I had some seaweed salad and kimchi while Amy ate some fried noodles.

There were also exiting things wrapped in foil.  We had no idea what we would get!  
I ended up with a yam (yum) and Amy got corn on the cob.  

The final surprise was what we referred to as a "meat-so-soup ball."  It was a meatball that tasted and smelled of miso soup.

I ate a ton of mussels and all the shrimp tempura I could find.  
We steered clear of the waffle fries, though.

Dessert took as long as the meal.  

Between the two of us we had probably half a watermelon, 3 kinds of mochi, jello, pudding, and fried bananas.  

All and all, this was one of the best lunches I've ever had.  I admit that with 3 more lunches left in this city, I kind of wish they could all be there.

Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Road: Liechtenstein

On our drive from Germany to Italy we took a detour that would allow us to visit the very tiny alpine country of Liechtenstein. We all set new records of having visited five different countries in one day (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Italy). It is a very small (61 square miles) German-speaking country with a population of 35,000 people. It is a constitutional monarchy headed by Prince Hans Adam II.

The border crossing was this very simple bridge with the different flags on either side separating the two nations.

Liechtenstein is the only country to have its entire area within the Alps and it shows with a beautiful mountainous landscape. Its terrain makes it a desire winter vacation destination.

I am so happy we decided to take this detour to one of the tiny countries of Europe. I have been able to visit three now (Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Monaco) and all have been delightfully charming. Even the smallest of countries have a lot to offer!

<3 Amy

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

Here are some of the amazing things I have found across the internet this week. Hope there is something here for everyone to enjoy!

Amazing cabin in Iceland. I would love to visit this country.
via Nordlig on Tumblr
I would love to have this in my yard for cool nights.
via New Verticals
This store front is adorable!
via Tick Tock Vintage
This wallpaper is so great. Not sure where I would put it, but I love silhouette portraits.
via Apartment Therapy 
A day at the beach.
via A Fine Day for Sailing
Pretty painted piano. If only I knew how to play.
via Apartment Therapy
A glass igloo vacation in Norway!
via Hotel Kakslauttanen

<3 Amy

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On the Road in Germany: Tübingen

It has been a very busy last few weeks. I have been lucky enough to do some traveling with my parents! We had such an amazing time. The highlight of the trip was a visit back to my favorite city in Europe, Tübingen, Germany. I spent a year studying here from 2008 to 2009 and fell in love with the city and all of the people I met there. It is so lovely!  I try to go back and visit as often as possible. 

Tübingen is a beautiful German city located in Baden-Württemberg. It is a bustling little university city; the student population makes up about a quarter of the total population. The university was established in 1477 and the town dates back to the Middle Ages. The city is well preserved because it was left largely unscathed during the Second World War. It is a city that has so much history and culture. I cannot wait for future visits. 

We were able to rent an apartment for the weekend that was right on the Neckar river in a house that is 700 years old! It is the rust-colored house that is six houses in from the right. The boats on the river are called Stocherkahn, which are punt boats and are very popular in the area. Some of the locals even install small barbecues in their boats to have lunch while floating down the river on a sunny afternoon.

We were able to enjoy some delicious Swabian foods. We had dinner at die Wurstküche (sausage kitchen), which is highly recommended! Of course a traditional German meal often goes well with one of the local freshly brewed beers, which there are plenty of throughout the area.

If you ever have the chance to visit this area of Germany, I highly recommend a visit to this delightful little city. It has so much character and will surely not disappoint.

<3 Amy

Hooray for Going Home!

I will be home a week from Sunday!  By home, I mean in Greenport, New York--a quaint little village on North Fork of Long Island.  It's the kind of place you cannot wait to leave when you are growing up there but cannot wait to visit when you wise up and realize how good you had it.  The list of things I look forward to about visiting my home village is endless, but here are some links that are definitely on it!

The Coronet Luncheonette via Flickr

Breakfast or Lunch at the Coronet, a tiny diner essentially unchanged since 1949.  

Greenport Harbor Brewing Company
Tasting all of the brews at the local micro-brewery.

Wineberries via NYT
Foraging for wineberries at the very end of their season or just eating what my father and sister have stored in the freezer.  I also look forward to whatever foraging my father has on deck.  There is always something to be foraged!

Fifth Street Beach via Village of Greenport
Swimming in the Bay.

67 Steps 
Visiting my favorite beaches.

Greenport Tea Company via Arbor View House
High tea at the Tea Co. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

Though I am on the road, my links are still here for you on this lovely Friday! Enjoy! 
<3 Amy

Everything about this space is lovely!
via Everyday Lovely
Such an adorable dress and an amazing location.
via Fancy Fine
Street embroidery in Berlin! So beautiful.
via Miss. Cross Stitch
Tips for an awesome cheese platter. This looks so delicious. I wish I had it in front of me!
via A Beautiful Mess
This couch and the exposed brick are exquisite!
via Apartment Therapy
This wallpaper and the hidden door. <3
via House of Bliss