Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hooray for Going Home!

I will be home a week from Sunday!  By home, I mean in Greenport, New York--a quaint little village on North Fork of Long Island.  It's the kind of place you cannot wait to leave when you are growing up there but cannot wait to visit when you wise up and realize how good you had it.  The list of things I look forward to about visiting my home village is endless, but here are some links that are definitely on it!

The Coronet Luncheonette via Flickr

Breakfast or Lunch at the Coronet, a tiny diner essentially unchanged since 1949.  

Greenport Harbor Brewing Company
Tasting all of the brews at the local micro-brewery.

Wineberries via NYT
Foraging for wineberries at the very end of their season or just eating what my father and sister have stored in the freezer.  I also look forward to whatever foraging my father has on deck.  There is always something to be foraged!

Fifth Street Beach via Village of Greenport
Swimming in the Bay.

67 Steps 
Visiting my favorite beaches.

Greenport Tea Company via Arbor View House
High tea at the Tea Co. 

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