Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick Stop in London

On my way home to Long Island, I had a one-day stop in London.  If it were not for the British flags everywhere, I would not have even known anything was going on where I stayed near Manor House tube station.  It was a quiet Saturday afternoon.  It felt like a kind of eye of the storm in my travels.  

My friend's garden is apparently full of frogs.  This sign has been erected to warn visitors.

The whole area is covered in blackberries!  In the afternoon, we went for a walk looking for somewhere to get a pie and a pint. 

Railway Fields via QYPE

Out of an ornate gate, a woman appeared and asked us, "Do you live in the neighborhood?  Did you know that there is a nature reserve in your neighborhood?"  She invited us in to explore.  It was a special event in which Railway Fields Nature Reserve was open to the public on a Saturday afternoon.  Inside, we found tons of blackberries, idyllic walking trails, a little seminar on beekeeping, and a little pond.

We brought home quite a bag of blackberries.  Oh how I love foraging!  We used them to make a lemon polenta blackberry upside down cake!

Yum!  While the Olympics are exciting, it was lovely to have a calm break in my travels for walking, foraging, and baking.

Now, Amy and I are relaxing in Greenport.  Amy has increased her antique hat collection and today, hopefully if the weather holds out, we'll go swimming in the bay.  I am so happy to be home.

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