Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome to California!

On Saturday night, I flew into San Francisco where Amy was waiting for me.  We now officially live in California!  This is the first time I have been to the west coast, aside from a layover at LAX.  On Sunday, we went on an adventure to the state capitol building in Sacramento.  

The idea of going to a state capitol originally sounded a little boring to me.  However, California did not disappoint.  There were grizzly bears everywhere!  The building itself was absolutely beautiful.

The state seal was all over the place too! 

The neoclassical building has ornate details carved into just about every inch.

The design is based on the United States Capitol Building, hence the dome.

I loved these lights because they are adorned with what appear to be winged sea horses.  Sea pegasus?

Amy feels that California has the best state seal.  While she may be a little biased, I agree that it's really neat.  There are tons of details, but my favorites are the two big ones: Minerva and the grizzly bear.  

Boring pole?  Put a grizzly bear on it!

The park around the capitol building has all kinds of botanic life.  I was so amazed to stand in one place and see a palm tree, a redwood, and an orange tree.  

I find myself looking around in amazement and thinking: I live here now!

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  1. State Capital...boring...I think not!!


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