Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

Here are some of my lovely little finds across the internet this week!
I really want to make some of my own applesauce!
via Delightfully Tacky
I am lovin' these taxidermy coat hooks.
via Pysselbolaget
These creative pieces of furniture are amazing!
via Recreate
I want to make my own alphabet shadow box.
via Apartment Therapy
I found this tutorial on how to get aged cast iron to look like new. Also, the name for this blog is too funny!
via I Believe I Can Fry
Replace these two kitties with puppies and this is my ideal kitchen! I love everything!!!
via Pure Home
Eeep! This floor <3
via Something White
Picnic in Slovenia!
via Lost in America
<3 Amy

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