Monday, September 24, 2012

Tea Cup Hat Pin Holder!

Hat Pin Holder


Recently, I found myself desperately needing somewhere to hold my hat pins. I decided to make a pin cushion type holder for them and Colleen had the genius idea to use a tea cup to house the pin cushion!

I used a tea cup, about a cup of sand, needle, thread, scissors, scrap cloth, wool felting fiber, and a felting  needle. The entire project only took me about an hour and ended up working out great! 

I picked up this cute tea cup at a garage sale! I was lucky to get such a great deal on it.

I began by folded the fabric in half and traced the size of the cup onto the fabric to ensure the pouch would fit perfectly inside.

Then I pinned the cloth together; this was done to ensure that I could cut two circles of the same size.

Next I sewed the two circles together to create a pouch. Leaving a small section open and then flip the pouch inside out. Now the pouch is ready to fill.

I made a funnel out of paper and dumped the sand into the pouch. This gave the cushion some weight and  allowed for the hat pins to be pulled out with ease. 

Once the sand was in, it was time to close it up. Since it would not be visible in the final product, it was not necessary for the pouch to look perfect. 

Lastly, I lightly felted fiber onto the sandbag to have a nice, puffy, and colorful layer over the top. The felted layer ended up being about half an inch thick.  

Now my hat pins have a new home and they look lovely!

<3 Amy

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