Monday, September 17, 2012

Wagon Succulent Planter

Today, I did a quick bit of gardening.  We bought a dozen small succulents yesterday and in less than an hour, I turned this wagon into a lovely, little garden.  All of the succulents called for roughly the same amount of sun, moisture, and drainage. We picked this wagon because it leaks out the bottom and succulents require good drainage.  So though this will not last forever, it has enough drainage to sustain the succulent garden for a little while.  If you are using a newer wagon, I suggest drilling holes in the bottom to ensure the plants do not get waterlogged.  

I do not have much of a DIY because it is pretty self-explanatory.  Lay out some potting soil, dig some holes, place plants in, pat down around the edges, and give a nice watering!

I also included some cuttings from another succulent plant and will add more to fill in the holes.

And that's all! This is a quick way to make a garden that is easy to care for.  It can brighten up any outdoor area, especially if you have a lot of concrete and little grass.

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