Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Sewing Boxes!

This week I wanted to share two of our sewing box finds! Last Friday, we went to an estate sale and picked up this beauty for only $20. Not only was it a deal to get this sewing box for so cheap, but it was also full of knitting needles and yarn! So we got some snazzy bonuses. 

It has so much storage space and is on convenient wheels. It is perfect for moving around the house when you want to craft in different rooms!

We have had this little box a bit longer; it came in the last apartment we lived in. This little guy is really nice for storing little odds and ends. While it is a sewing box, I have been using it to store my jewelry. It is really perfect to house a variety of different objects!

I cannot wait to fill these up with all of our sewing notions and knitting supplies! 

<3 Amy

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