Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice

A walk by the Vltava yesterday turned into the perfect first day of summer.  While walking back from ice cream at Old Town Square, we heard some music coming from a beer garden on an embankment.  Amy was sure the voice of the singer sounded familiar, so we went closer to investigate.

Lo and behold, Amy was right!  Looking down at a familiar face, having him wave and smile up between songs--it made this big ol' city feel like a small town.  

We went down to listen.

And have a beer.
In the background, you can see some boaters enjoying a lazy afternoon on the river.  We decided that the time had come.  We had had enough I've always wanted to do thats and someday, we should try thats.  

So we rented a paddle boat!  It was only 250 CZK per hour (about $13.00) for up to 4 people.  Quite reasonable prices!

We befriended some ducks and ducklings who obviously assumed we would feed them.  They also had fine taste in art and chose to swim around the giant chair and marching yellow penguins.

Amy and the beautiful view!  
We decided that the river is actually one of the best places to take photos of the city.

Vyšehrad Fortress in the background


Mo loved how this ladder leads down to the water and how the tree appears to be growing out of it.

Something is hilarious.

Casual Paddling

Feeling really casual.

Zebra striped zoo boat.  I was very nervous about how close it got to paddle boaters.

Off the boat, back on the docks, we saw this little ugly duckling.  Last spring, part of the beer garden on the embankment was roped off because of a swan nest.  This is obviously the small friend who hatched out of that egg.  It seems likely since his parents were hanging around where the nest was.

I highly recommend seeing the center of the city from a paddle boat!  Best solstice ever!


  1. i want to do that!!! Mom

    1. It was great! By the way, which mom are you? :-)


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