Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vytopna Railway Restaurant

Vytopna Railway Restaurant

Prague, Czech Republic

Last weekend, I finally joined Amy (and Mo, Lucy, and Matthew) for a trip to "the train bar."  I had heard all about the model trains delivering your drinks but I imagined something akin to a sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt of food. Instead, I walked into a gigantic model train world.  There are tunnels, bridges, girders, and even a castle!  It is not a train on a continuous loop, but rather many individual trains which come straight to your table then back to the depot.  They even pick up empties!

Vytopna Stats 
Type of Restaurant: Train Restaurant
Cost: Affordable 
Service Type: Order from a server, drinks delivered by train; food delivered by server
Dining Area: Very large, rarely full
Location: Vaclavske Nam. 56, Prague 1
Nearby Tram Stops: Vaclavske Namesti, Muzeum
Nearby Metro: Muzeum, Mustek

Are the drinks here yet?

Here comes our first delivery!

For being in the center of town and having such a high entertainment factor, Vytopna is actually very reasonably priced.

These photos do not give you the full effect.  So, video!

Don't worry, this sign doesn't make any more sense in Czech than it does in English.

There is even a children's play area, as though the whole place weren't play area enough!

Very poor lighting, but indeed a castle!

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