Friday, June 1, 2012

Serendipitous Friday

Today was one of those days that I happened to have a camera in my bag and a lot of photo-worthy things happened to occur.  Simply serendipity.

A game of I-Spy on the bus back from swimming lessons.  

Czech Preschool Lunch: Yeast Soup and Rice with Beef and Pickle Sauce
The soup is vegetable broth with finely-diced carrots and cauliflower with chopped onions and broccoli... and yes, yeast.  Not nutritional yeast, active yeast.  Bits of cake yeast that you could bake bread with.  It tastes a bit sweet and sour.
The main course is chopped beef, slow cooked in universal brown sauce with chopped up pickles in it.
Somehow, I have learnt to love both of these things.  I'll miss Czech food.
Dress-Up-the-Teacher is one of my favorite games as long as I am not the one under the hat.
My boss brought her guitar to work today and had a sing-along with the few kids who were in "quiet time" on a Friday afternoon.  I was in nap-time and decided to take my three bed-bouncing non-sleepers to join in.  I did not expect how well this would go over.  "We did sing in our pajamas!" 

A mid-day storm  was followed by an afternoon recess with lots of puddle-dancing and mud-slinging.

We really wanted to go to Kozlovna for dinner, but it was full.  The goat disapproved.

"Prehistoric Restaurant"--We stumbled upon this during our search for dinner.

Primeval Feasts?

Oh goodness.  We did not get dinner there.
Then we found a M.A.S.H.-themed shop which we did not go in either.

Nor did we eat at this restaurant, a timeless homage to Olympics that did not take place here.

In the end, we ate dinner at a Czech chain restaurant then went to Tesco for pudding mix and wine coolers.  Sometimes, you need to end a long work week with pudding and wine coolers.  

Here's hoping that your Friday was full of games, dancing, and adventures!


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