Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tea Time

Tea at Linde Lane

Dixon, California

I will be the first to admit that I am not a morning person. I prefer to do work late into the night, rather than wake up early in the morning. Unfortunately, this has become impossible for me. I have to be up early for work or school almost every day of the week. This has taught me one important thing: how important my morning cup of tea is! It has turned into one of my favorite parts of the day and become a ritual for me. Every morning, I have tea and breakfast while playing on the internet. This has allowed for the expansion of my tea knowledge and taste for a variety of new flavors - my favorite morning tea, right now, is Empress Grey from Marks and Spencer

When I went home this winter, my friends suggested that we go to an adorable tea room, Linde Lane, in Dixon, California. I had never been to a tea room and was very excited to check it out. So we put on our finest tea outfits and headed on over! The selection of teas was expansive, which made it hard to pick the perfect tea. 

Samantha enjoying her tea.
(for some reason, none of us can remember what she had, but I believe it was a peach flavored herbal tea). 

Jenelle had a passion fruit tea.

Colin tried a chai tea. 

I had the black currant black tea. I am crazy about everything black currant! It was the perfect choice.

We each got tea, champagne, soup, salad, tea sandwiches, a scone with clotted cream, and an assortment of small desserts. The prices are relatively affordable for the amount of food that is served. By far the best was the scone with clotted cream, so delicious!
A collection of tea samples on an antique oven!
So many fun decorations around the entire building. We spent at least fifteen minutes wandering around and looking at the different eclectic clutter. Each setting had a different teacup and saucer. There was an amazing amount of variety. 

My nieces, sisters, and mother scored the giant teacup on their trip to the tea room!

All of the ladies! It is hard to see, but Colin made her amazing headband. She crafted a tea bag with the string and label attached to her earring, so creative! The tea room sells some amazing tea hats and headbands for anyone that does not have one standard in their wardrobe. 

This trip inspired me to check out as many tea rooms as possible in the future.

<3 Amy

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