Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

I'm starting off my links this week with something you may have already seen.  Even so, it's worth repeating if not just due to my love of hot air balloons.

Enjoy them all!

Kids' Hot Air Balloon Photobooth DIY on Oh Happy Day
Mouse Pattern and Giveaway on Prairie Mouse

I love this blog and I am happy to spread this free pattern!

Floor Cushion DIY on Dobleufa
via Kireei

Even though this is not in English, it is easy enough to figure out.  I adore floor cushions.

Crochet Map Rug on Vaiko

These rugs are pretty neat but I'm digging this whole photo: the tones, the animals, the blocks!

Vintage Clawfoot Bathtubs in Every Color of the Rainbow on Poetic Home

I love all of these, but I'm still really into yellow lately.  Also, the ruffled curtain is precious.

Mini Hot Air Balloon Tutorial on Epbot

While these are a bit too steampunk for my tastes, I feel the need to share all hot air balloons I happen upon.

High-Waisted Sash Skirt Tutorial on This Big Oak Tree

Newspaper Forts on Moddern Parents Mess Kids
via Kireei

I am definitely making these with my nursery school students!

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  1. Daniel used to make these newspaper tubes in pre school! Geri


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