Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

An eclectic mix of links this week.  Enjoy! 

Sheep and Dog Patterns on Atelier Cherry

These seem simple enough to figure out--even for us non-Japanese-speakers.
Rainbow Dishtowel DIY on a pretty cool life

This DIY is so elegantly simple!
Camper Stamp on Maedchenmitherz

I used to make things like this when I did letter press.  I am a sucker for good stationary and this would do the trick.
Peach Cloche on French Laundry

I love cloche hats and they love me.  I have been staring at this one, trying to figure out how to make it myself.
Roller skates on Bluebirdbaby

For some reason, I love this shot.  It also, obviously, makes me want to go roller skating.
Hummus and Veggie Boats on Oh Happy Day

'Nough said.

Sweetcorn Pancakes on BBC GoodFood

I made these this week and, though the recipe does not give any recommendations for seasoning, they were tasty!

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