Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I've Been Working On: Waldorf Dolls

Miniature Waldorf-Inspired Baby Dolls

Made from Recycled Material

Mini Waldorf dolls

I have not posted about a craft in a while because I have been working hard on patterns and techniques for a miniature Waldorf-inspired baby doll tutorial.  I wanted to post the tutorial as soon as possible but there are just so many steps that I will have to split it into two or three parts.  Nevertheless, I decided that since I've got all of these dolls lying around, I should post some pictures of what I've been up to lately.  

Most Waldorf doll patterns for full-sized dolls require materials and tools that can be difficult to find like tube stocking fabric and doll-making needles.  To make these dolls, you need only a few materials that you probably have lying around the house.  The least common material is wool fleece, which can be found at most local yarn stores.  

I've been making Waldorf dolls for about two years, though I have been interested in them much longer.  My biggest project was making a doll for each child in my preschool class last year (here is a photo).  I was taught by a friend and have been honing my techniques using pamphlets entirely in Czech which makes things pretty interesting.

In the coming weeks, I will post a tutorial, bit by bit.  I may even do a giveaway!


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