Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lovely, Little Things in Prague: Wait for the Zoom...

So, I should be posting links today but instead I took some pictures while walking to the grocery store that were pretty terrible so I spent all afternoon fiddling with them to fix the overexposure from a bright, sunny day.  These pictures remind me of the importance of looking up.

Notice anything unusual?  No?  Well, let's look a little closer.

Do you see it yet?

Is that a...?

Why yes, it is a frog prince climbing into that window.

In case you do not remember the story of the frog prince, it is not some cute story about a girl kissing a frog.  It is a story about a spoilt, little brat who drops her golden ball into a well.  She promises a frog who offers to get it for her that she will allow him to live as her companion: eating from her plate, drinking from her glass, and sleeping on her pillow.  When she gets her ball back, she promptly forgets her promise and goes back to her life.  The frog comes back and demands his end of the bargain.  I feel like that's what he is doing up there.  I have been walking down Vodičkova in Prague 1 for nearly three years now and I never saw this.  How many amazing things do I walk by each day without noticing?

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