Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snapshots of Olomouc

Snapshots of Olomouc

Trains, Fountains, and Quintessential Moravia

Last weekend, we went to Olomouc, a small city in Moravia.  Amy will be posting her photos of landmarks and detailing the history later this weekend.  My camera has survived four years on three continents and at this point is really only good for daytime snapshots but I managed to get a few that captured the atmosphere of our adventure.

I made Amy take this photo which I view as the quintessential "I'm traveling in Europe!" photo.  She was terrified to stick her head out and convinced a train would come by on the other side.

Without real seats in a compartment, due to computer error, we had to find a way to ease our woes on the train.

Further explanation of landing-gear to come.  Definitely check back for Amy's post this weekend. 

We had such a good time in Olomouc!  I cannot wait for our next weekend trip! 

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