Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Antiquing in the 'Biggest Little City in the World'

Antiquing in Reno, Nevada

I recently took a trip to visit my older brother in Reno, Nevada. One thing I love about Reno is all of the great antique malls in the area. So, my mom, brother, and I headed out antiquing one day while I was there. At the top of the agenda was a stop by In-N-Out to prepare for a full day of shopping. 
First we had to get some burgers for energy. 
The next stop was the Virginia Street Antique Mall, which is a standard antique mall: full of furniture, clothes, toys, and many little trinkets. These places can be very overwhelming due to their size and massive inventory. It is important to be patient and give everything a good look.
Virginia Street Antique Mall 

Lovely pieces of furniture

True touch of that Nevada feel. 

I had to take a picture of this lamp. Eeek.

The next place, Somewhere In Time, was right down the street. This place had a special surprise in store for us.

This surprise was the entire room dedicated to the Red Hat Society--wall to wall red hats and dresses. I am such a fan of big crazy hats, so this room was lovely to explore.
All the red a girl could want. 

The third place had a very different feel than the first two. It is called Junkee and is part antique store, thrift shop, and costume shop. I was really looking forward to visiting this store and I was not disappointed. The antique store had so many beautiful items. I would have loved to buy any one of its many pillbox hats. 
Junkee in Reno, Nevada

Antique shop

More of the antique shop

Thrift and costume shop

Awesome melting clock at the entrance (something very Dalí about this piece of art)

I did not get anything this day; I was on a very tight budget for my trip home. However, it was such a great day to get to spend with my brother and my mom. My brother was a good sport throughout the whole ordeal as well (he is not so big on antiquing)--even coining my favorite new term 'scam-tiques' for products that lack legitimacy. If you ever stop by the 'biggest little city in the world,' check out some of the local spots for antiques and thrifting finds.

<3 Amy

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  1. On my way to Reno this weekend... going to stop by Junkee for sure! Love the pictures! The front of their shop is so cool!


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