Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hooray for Spring!

Amy will be posting our Hooray for the Internet feature on Friday.  In honor of yesterday's equinox, I am posting some of my favorite spring-themed links.  Hooray for Spring! 

Hanging Window Flower Vase Tutorial from Garden Mama
Garden Mama was a great blog that is no longer updated but has so many crafts and inspirational photos for different seasons.  This is one craft that is very child-friendly!

Violet Ice from Garden Mama
Another one from Garden Mama!  This is another craft (recipe? difficult to decide) that would be easy for children.  Just gather up some violets and freeze them in an ice cube tray.  These would be so good in some lemonade or iced tea!

Bunny Hand Puppets from The Purl Bee
The Purl Bee is an amazing resource for knitting patterns and craft ideas.  The projects tend to have an aesthetic of simple beauty.  These puppets would be an easy sewing project for grade-school children.  

The A-Frame Tent from Cakies
This project has been all over Pinterest for the past few weeks.  The tutorial makes it look incredibly simple.  I love the idea of using floral fabric and bringing this tent outside to lay under on a very sunny day.  How perfect would this be for a yard without any good shady reading spots? 

Spinning Toy on My Little Fabric
[via Kireei Cosas Bellas]
I am a total sucker for cinemagraphs, like .gif's but much classier.  This twist on the classic bird-in-a-birdcage toy is perfect for rainy spring days inside.  The tutorial may be in French, but it's easy enough to understand.  

Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Curd from The Kitchn
Ricotta is used in a lot of spring baking and these pancakes seem like a delicious Saturday morning taste of spring.  

Finally, I leave you with a song that has always reminded me of the beginning of spring. 

<3 Colleen

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