Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Steps

Baby Socks:

A first attempt

Baby Socks in Progress

 This winter, I wrote about my scarf which I knit out of Jawoll Magic yarn.  When I was finished, I had quite a nice little ball of it left over that I decided I would use to start a new phase of my knitting education: socks.  My friend Nicole had given me a skein of sock yarn for Christmas that I wanted to make a cute pair of socks for myself out of.  I just did not have the confidence to begin.  I decided that the best solution was to start off simple... to take... baby steps, if you will.  Knitting baby socks would mean learning the necessary techniques but speeding up the process and not wasting a lot of yarn if the project failed.  

Baby Socks!
I picked a pattern called Hunca Munca because it was very popular on Ravelry.  I chose to knit the pattern with a technique similar to cabling because that is also something I am not well-versed in.  I've had trouble getting good photos of them but I am really pleased!  They turned out the same size.  They have no big holes or obvious mistakes.  The only thing is that the variegated  yarn transitions so slowly that they look like a strange ombre.  I did not have enough to make sure I started both on the same color patch but I think it's fine.  

All these socks are waiting for is a friend to have a new baby who might want some tiny purple socks.  Feel free to request them if you fit this description!


  1. These are adorable! Are you feel up to grown-people socks now?

  2. Yay socks! I want to see the big people socks when they're done! This is the one thing I really need to learn how to knit because it would be so useful for me.

  3. I've made one big-person sock. The other one is on the needles and I just cannot find the motivation to finish it.


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