Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hooray For The Internet!

My Hooray For The Internet! links follow no particular theme this week.  Just some amazing things I found on the information super highway (yeah, I went there) that I want to share!

3191 Miles Apart
This blog is a beautifully done.  The premise is that two friends who live 3191 miles apart each share a photo from their week and write about what they have been doing.  The photos are always wonderful and the blog is very well-written.  

DIY Backyard Tent from On One Hand
Last week, I posted a tent.  Today, I have more.  I'm just loving the idea of a backyard reading tent.  This is despite the fact that I do not have a backyard. 

Tent on Vintage Rose Garden

It took me some effort to find the original source of this tent that was going around Pinterest.  It seems to come from a now-defunct Etsy shop belonging to "Ships and Maps."  I want it!

Sew Egg Chick Tutorial on Petite Purls
A cute, easy little tutorial.  Perfect for spring!

Audrey Cape Tutorial at Project Run and Play
This tutorial would be much easier with an actual pattern but anyone with a bit of ingenuity should be able to make it.  

New York City's Hidden Subway Station at Travelettes

I know, this is totally unrelated.  However, when I saw this on Pinterest, I was so homesick and excited for my trip back to New York this summer.  This article tells you how to get a "tour" (from inside a subway train) of New York's long since closed City Hall Station.  

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