Friday, March 16, 2012

Hooray For The Internet!

Welcome to a new weekly feature:

Hooray for the Internet!

Just your standard Links-Round-Up of neat things found around the internet this week. While we will try to stay topical and post recent things, sometimes one comes across an old blog post that is too good not to share. Amy and I will be taking turns posting our favorite finds of the week.  Expect mine to be mostly crafts.  Amy's will probably include a bit more fashion.  Without further ado, my links of the week:

Thirteen Ounces or Less on  Giverslog--What Amazing Things Can You Mail Without a Box?
Did you know that you can mail anything under 13 ounces (and within certain size parameters) without a box?  Just apply a packaging label and sufficient postage, then drop it in a mailbox!  Check out the 13 Ounces or Less tag over at Giverslog for all kinds of postal inspiration.  Spread some Easter joy by mailing plastic Easter eggs

Dutch Bike-Bus on Treehugger
Since I first saw the image of this bike-bus on Treehugger, I have been thinking about it all the time.  It is on my theoretical vision board for the future.  Could you think of a better way to get kids to school?  Exercise, green-living, teaching children responsibility and respect for the environment--you know, all those popular ideas--are all encompassed in this!  At only $15,000, I kind of want one.

BEES! by artist/blogger Hannah Haworth
These life-size bees by  Hannah Haworth are so adorable and intricate.  I have so much respect for her work!  Check out her website for other amazing (sometimes knit) artwork.

Paper Hot Air Balloon from Kiosk
I want one of these hot air balloons.  That is all.

Paper Flower Tutorial from Say Yes to Hoboken
This tutorial is from around Valentine's Day; nevertheless, I think it these flowers would be a beautiful spring/Easter decoration.  

Knishes on Smitten Kitchen
These potato knishes are a much classier, and probably tastier, version of my favorite potato snack that I could usually find at the back of our freezer.  I'm thinking about actually making some next week.  Smitten Kitchen always has such amazing recipes for comfort food that I often think the tag line should be, "tastes like childhood, only better."

Check back next Friday for Amy's links of the week!

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