Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tiny Bunnies Two Ways

Tiny Bunnies

Two Ways to Make Tiny Felt Toys

After I made a bunch of tiny felt animal protoypes last week, I've been working on making some tiny bunnies.  I looked at two different patterns for inspiration.

For the white bunny, I found a nice pattern in this post by Kleas.  I looked at the pattern for the basic shape and then made my own much smaller version. 

For the brown bunny, I took my inspiration from this mouse tutorial by Rhythm & Rhyme.  I made mine even smaller and replaced the mouse ears with bunny ears.  

I used pink thread to embroider noses on both.  For the tails, I needle-felted some tiny balls and sewed them on.  The eyes might be better done with a French knot.  I simply made little, dark stitches.  

Sometime later in the week, I hope to make a full tutorial for tiny birds just in time for Easter.  So go get some nice felt, thread, and check back later in the week! 


  1. Geesus, could these be any cuter?! ;)

  2. They looks super cute! I think I might make them :) Thank you for sharing!! <3


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