Friday, March 30, 2012

Hooray For The Internet!

Without further ado, my links for the week:

Suitcase chair <3
via Apartment Therapy
Uses for old suitcases are most certainly on my mind.
via Apartment Therapy
Matryoshka doll necklaces <3
via Little Tree Vintage
Secret rooms behind a wall of books are the best!
via Piccsy
This would be an amazing way to spend a warm summer evening.
via Piccsy
I am in love with painted stairs right now!
via Lifework Media
This giant cross-stitched bicycle is amazing!
via Jessica Decker
Use an old window as a jewelry organizer. Having my jewelry on display inspires me to wear it more often. I currently have a cork board holding mine, but I would love to switch over to this!
via Tick Tock Vintage
This swan ring holder steals my heart.
via The Dainty Squid

<3 Amy

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