Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bean Sprout Update

Bean Sprouts Planted 1 Week Ago
Last week, I wrote about sowing beans in a window box.  On Sunday, tragedy struck.  A sunny afternoon quickly turned dark as rain clouds overtook the sky.  Rain began to pour as a great gust of wind blew open our dining room window and knocked everything off of the sill.  Over tumbled two potted plants, who thankfully came out unscathed.  My window box and two other pots of recently planted beans, however, did not.  Soil covered the floor and I could see little beans, with tiny shoots poking out, mixed in with the debris.  Amy helped clean up the soil while I tried my best to save the beans.  I found a lot of black-eyed peas and a few pintos but barely saw any black beans.  They hid themselves so well.  I replanted them as best I could and hoped for the best.

Over the past few days, I've been delighted to see that the beans were pretty much unfazed by their journey.  They are growing well and every few hours, I walk over and I am amazed by their progress.  The black beans, however, are no longer grouped together.  One has already popped out of the pinto bean pot.  Nevertheless, I am happy to have some spring inside of our flat and excited about the prospect of beans this summer.

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