Sunday, March 25, 2012


Tiny Felt Toys

Making Prototypes

Seriously Cute Mouse Tutorial
From Rhythm & Rhyme

Which Came First? Pattern
From Fruits of Heart
Easter Bunny Pattern
From Prairie Mouse

The past few weeks, I've been finding a lot of amazing craft ideas via Pinterest and blogs.  These three tutorials for small, felt animals have inspired me to start making prototypes of my own.

My favorite thing about working with felt is that you do not have to sew and then turn your project inside-out to see what you have made.  You can sew on the visible side and see what is happening as you are making it.  So far, I have made a few birds with different beak styles, finally settling on my favorite one (can you guess which it is?).  I also made an elephant with eyes a little too big and a little too high.  I'm really enjoying making toys again; it has been a long time.  Our flat may look like the Island of Misfit toys for now but hopefully, soon, these little guys will become suitable for someone's little toy box. 


  1. I'm guessing the duck is your favorite bird beak style. This is very..wild..guess. They all look great! I, personally, am a fan of the elephant.


  2. they are really cute - so happy to have inspired you!



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