Monday, April 2, 2012

Flat Stanley's Visit

A Walk Around Prague

With Flat Stanley

When I went home this winter, my oldest niece sent me back to Prague with an assignment. Her class had read a book titled Flat Stanley about a boy who dreams of a California vacation. However, his family does not have the money to pay for a flight. One morning, Flat Stanley's bulletin board falls on him and he is smushed to a quarter inch thick. Now, his mother is able to mail Flat Stanley to many different, exciting locations across the world. 

My job was to take pictures of Flat Stanley with me around Prague to send back to my niece's class. I was so excited to take on the assignment and be able to show my niece the amazing places around Prague. I thought this adorable idea was worth a share with our readers as well. :)

Charles Bridge
 To start the day, Flat Stanley and I took a visit to the Charles Bridge. This is one of the top sites in Prague. The Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in Prague with construction beginning in 1357. It allowed for the city to grow and thrive throughout history and was vital for early commerce. 

Prague Castle
 The second stop was the view of the Prague Castle from the Charles Bridge. The history of the castle goes back to 870 and is still in use today. It functions as the seat of the Czech government and is where they keep the crown jewels. The Prague Castle was built in the Gothic style and is one of the largest castles in the world. 

Vlatava River
 On our walk across the bridge, Flat Stanley decided he wanted to go for a swim in the Vltava River. This river runs right through the center of Prague and is the longest river in the Czech Republic. The river has allowed the city to be a major trading post throughout its extensive history.  

Graffiti in Prague
We found this graffiti inspired advertisement for a party that had come and gone. However, we took the opportunity to teach Flat Stanley how to drive in this appropriately-sized vehicle.

Traditional Czech Meal
 We were tempted to stop for a traditional Czech meal of pork knuckle and a beer, but decided to keep adventuring on instead.  

Kafka Statue
 While wandering through the Jewish Quarter we came across this Kafka-inspired statue. Kafka was born to German-speaking Jewish parents in Prague in 1883 and lived until 1924. He was a modernist existentialist writer and his most famous work is The Metamorphosis

 Our last stop was for trdelnik, a traditional Czech dessert. It is made from dough that is cooked on a spit and then sprinkled with sugar and walnut. 

 I hope that you have enjoyed sharing in Flat Stanley's adventures through Prague. He had a great trip and I am hoping that he is out there exploring many other exciting places!

<3 Amy

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