Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

Another week, another collection of delightful things I've found on blogs and Pinterest!

Knitting the World Together by Bonnie Kate Wolf
found via CRAFT
I have obviously chosen the Atlantic Ocean view of the world because of my love of New York and Europe. There are plenty of other views on the artist's website!

Plain Tunic by Pickles

I'm always excited to see a new pattern from Pickles, one of my favorite knitting sites!  Their designs tend to feature double-stranded patterns that knit up quickly with a minimalist aesthetic.  Best of all, they are often free (at least in one size).  

Wood-burned Caddy by Becca Thornton
on Natural Kids
As a nursery school teacher, the uses I have come up with for a wooden caddy are endless. A touch of Peter Rabbit could never hurt, either!

Rolling Stamp from a Potato on Kireei
Another idea for nursery school teachers.  All you need to make rolling stamps is a potato, a straw, and a knife.  My children can never get enough of rolling stamps and this would be great for making all sorts of designs. 

Play House on Kaunis Pieni Elämä 
Another thing I would love for my nursery school is this child's room.  The play house and laundry accessories are just what my classroom needs!  Young children should live in a world of beautiful and useful things.

Floating Teepee on Tiny House Blog
Sometimes, students get sick of dorm life and decide to live in teepees on rafts made using a fair number of beer kegs.  Or, at least, one of them did.

Tin Tile Dishwasher on Restyled Home

Appliances need not be given a faux-cabinet look in order to get a visual upgrade! 

Doilie-inspired Embroidery on Cafe Cartolina
I cannot tell if Cafe Cartolina is the original source of this but let's just say it is.  To not state otherwise would just be bad manners.

Hope you find these links inspiring or at least entertaining!

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