Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

Mid-spring and a lack of upcoming holidays means a significant slow-down in blogosphere but here are some of the things I came across this week.

Doily-Print Fabric  on How About Orange
This blogger, Jessica Jones, was a bit disappointed about how making doily prints on fabric with photo-sensitive dye turned out.  I love this faded result better than if it turned out to have perfect, crisp edges.  I want to do this myself!

Layered Skirt Tutorial on Dana Made It
Via Wee Wonderfuls
Obviously this is a tutorial for a kid's skirt.  Nevertheless, it could be converted to an adult and I am not ashamed to wear ruffles or seersucker.

Hazel the Humpback Whale Pattern by Bec Brittain
Who doesn't want to knit a humpback whale?

Maps of the USA by Relative Green-ness  on Upworthy
I like this one.  There's another one that's much less up-lifting. Follow the link at your own discretion. 

Vintage Kitchen on Heart Handmade
via Kireei
I could live here.

Stenciled Watercolors on Grow Creative
As a teacher, I am four square against using stencils with young children--limiting the creative potential and all that.  However, as an adult, I can use stencils all I want!  And I would do this for making stationary or something.  

Rainbow Connection on Handmade Charlotte
This image fills me with joy.  

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