Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yes Burger

Yes Burger, Prague

A Mini-Review

Yes Burger, Seifertova 14, Prague 3 (Žižkov)
When Yes Burger opened last year, word of mouth was instantaneous.  Everyone was talking about the place by Husinecka tram stop where you can get a burger meal for under 100 crowns (~$5).  I've been there a few times and I need to say the hype is totally worth it.

Yes Burger Stats 
Type of Restaurant: Burger Joint
Cost: Incredibly Affordable 
Service Type: Order at the register for take-out or to stay, servers will bring food to your table
Dining Area: Really small
Location: Seifertova 14, Prague 3
Nearby Tram Stops: Husinecka, Lipanska

The menu includes basic burgers, chicken fingers, and fries but also all sorts of burger toppings and vegetarian choices.

After somehow choosing your burger from the endless menu on the wall, you go up the counter to place your order.  The dining room is really small so you might not get a table.  No worries because there are plenty of parks nearby to have a burger picnic in! 

We managed to get seats yesterday and enjoyed looking at the eclectic decor.

There are displays of Lord of the Rings figurines, artistically arranged Pokemon cards, and vintage advertisements. 

As for our food, we all got burgers.  Here's Lucy, enjoying her cheeseburger and fries. 

Amy got the same.  A cheeseburger meal (with fries and a soda) is only 92 crowns--significantly less than you would spend at McDonald's and completely worth the trip to Žižkov.

I got a burger meal (no cheese, 88 crowns).  The burger itself was definitely high quality beef and cooked to a really nice "medium" instead of the well-done you frequently find in Prague.  I would equate the size to what you would find at a backyard barbecue--not fast food small but not diner big.  The bun was nothing to write home about, but still good.  There was a bit too much lettuce but the veggies in general were fresh and well-prepared.  Amy commented that they actually know how to slice red onions, shaved paper thin, so that they are not overwhelming.  The fries were pretty standard, hot and crispy. 

I've also had the chicken fingers in the past which were totally delicious.  I'm not sure why, but they come with salsa.  

The bottom line is: good burgers, ridiculously cheap.  If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, go for sure!

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  1. It looks so cool in there, and from what you said, the burgers sound delicious! Makes me wish I could try one!
    <3 Kiersten


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