Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Trip to Virginia City

Virgina City, Nevada

Saloons, Mining, and Kitsch 

Still working on posting all of my photos from my trip home in February, so here are a few more! While I was visiting Nevada, my brother took my sister, mother, nephews, and I on a trip to Virginia City. It was such an amazing day with my family and I took some nice pictures around the town to share. Virginia City is an old mining town; it was founded due to the discovery of the Comstock Lode strike of silver there in 1859. It feels like you have entered into the old west when you walk down the street or into any of the delightful shops. Once all of the silver had been mined out in 1898, the town's population greatly declined and now only about 1,000 people live in this well preserved western town. 

As you enter the town from the direction of Reno, you will see the Red Dog Saloon at the start of the main street. This old saloon played host to popular musicians throughout the 1960s and contributed to the psychedelic rock scene. 

The television show Bonanza was set at the Ponderosa Ranch, which is located just outside of Virginia City. It was often referenced in the television show. This has led to a few Bonanza themed delights popping up around the town. 

The streets are lined with antique shops and old saloons that are so nice to look around. 

The Bucket of Blood Saloon was established in 1876 and is a popular site in Virginia City. Despite its name and appearance, it does have the rather charming and quaint feel of an old saloon. 

Having grown up in California, I am no stranger to panning for gold. There are a few locations where they teach young children what it was like to pan for gold during the gold rush. Oftentimes, they put out some fools' gold so the children go home with something to show for all of their hard work. 

Later, we ended up heading into the Ponderosa Saloon to check out the mine tour.

This shot, of my brother helping my nephew peek through a hole in the fence to see where they have the faux gun fights, was too cute not to share. <3

The city is up in the mountains, so you can get an amazing view of the surrounding mountains and valleys below. 

Everyone in line to order up our barbecue.  My burger was rather tasty and they had some amazing tri-tip. 

All of the little shops have such a kitschy feel--full of taxidermy and fools gold. 

This man was making hats in one of the shops. It was such an interesting process that involved a lot of steam, the logistics of which I am still not entirely clear on.

My mother, brother, and nephews were brave enough to enter the mine tour and had a really good time. My sister and I decided to sit it out; I am not so keen on small dark spaces. So, we enjoyed a drink in the saloon while everyone else went into the mine.

If you ever take a trip to Nevada I recommend checking out this charming little city. It was such a fun afternoon and here are a few fun photos to leave you with!

<3 Amy

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