Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hooray for Embroidery!

Tiny Bunnies!
Last week, I posted this tutorial about my tiny bunnies with links to their pattern sources.  It was one of our most popular posts ever, so I plan to make an even better tutorial tomorrow.  I will post my own pattern for tiny birds which will require some basic embroidery skills.  The techniques I use are really easy to teach yourself.  So, my Hooray post this week is all about embroidery!

Blanket Stitch Tutorial on Wool Food Mama
Wool Food Mama's tutorial for blanket stitch is a great step-by-step guide to a very important stitch.  This can be used to finish edges but also to sew together two pieces of felt in toy-making.  It is the stitch I used for my bunnies and will use for my birds.

French Knot Tutorial on Craftinomicon
The Craftinomicon did a bunch of easy embroidery tutorials this winter.  I would suggest you check out all of them!  But, the one I find most helpful is the explanation of French knots.  These are great for making eyes.

Feather Stitch Sampler on The Smallest Forest

Once you have mastered the techniques on Craftinomicon, head over to The Smallest Forest to see some other incredible embroidery techniques.

Free Embroidered Felt Easter Egg Pattern on Shiny Happy World
If you are feeling adventurous and want to try your hand at a small, seasonal project, this egg pattern seems perfect!

Octopus Pattern at The Floss Box
Some of you may decide that you are ready to start paying for embroidery patterns, in which case I suggest The Floss Box.  It has a huge selection, including traditional style and more modern patterns.

Silver Fox on Craft

And this is just cute.

Fine Cell Work

One more embroidery related link: Fine Cell Work.  "Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework undertaken in the long hours spent in their cells to foster hope, discipline and self-esteem."  Go to the website for more details as well as to see and buy their works of art.  

Check back tomorrow for a new tutorial!

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